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Technology players without having right platform are facing challenges to control end-to-end logistics operations and maximize supply chain efficiency. Cloud technology has made it possible to use new business models and change every aspect of how logistics companies operate.
SCMProFit with its robust integrated single platform enables logistics players to expand their B2B operations into SLA driven high performance e-commerce fulfillment centres.

What You Get


Connect To Marketplaces

Synchronize inventory and order processing.


Handle Multiple Brands/Products

Manage orders in one unified dashboard.


Ecommerce Ecosystem Collaboration

Share insights and develop new solutions.


Last-mile Delivery Solutions

Ensure coordination and management of deliveries.


Order & Package Label Printing

Barcodes and tracking numbers for accurate information.


Inventory & Location Management

Reduce picking times and improve warehouse efficiency.


SCMProFit provides facility to manage the orders in a single window that can come from different ordering channels. SCMProFit also provides real-time tracking of order activity status and also alerts to take actions for the orders reaching due dates in next 2 hours or as per the configuration.

Yes. SCMProFit provides the feature of SKU's expriry date management and configure the fulfilment picking strategy based on FEFO or FIFO and other rules to avoid any bad stock in the warehouse. It also provides the feature to manage the damage products during inbound process.

SCMProFit provides the function to continuously print multiple shipping labels as per the group picking plan. System also provides the facility to accommodate and design different shipping templates that can be printed and labelled on the shipping box.

Break Through

Break Through
  • View order status
  • Manage high volume of orders
  • Minimize inventory shrinkage
  • Quicken market entry
  • Data-driven insights
  • Improved customer experience

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