Cube Movers implements SCMProFit to digitalize its end-to-end operations

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Kenya-based Cube Movers Limited, one of the leading movers in East Africa, has deployed SCMProFit platform to overcome the challenges involved in its operations and upgrade to the next level of digitization.

The Nairobi headquartered company was looking out for requirement of onsite easy operations and at customer locations. With growing operations and market requirements, it was becoming difficult for the company to track piece level item from a packed box of inventory. Even the operation team spent lots of redundant hours in preparing daily and weekly reports. 

Edwin Mameti, General Manager, Cube Movers Limited, noted, “Based on our experience and commitments the customers are extremely happy with our great services. However, with growing unique customized demands of the customers and also expansion of our business it has become a necessity for us to be ahead of the industry in terms of ideas and technology.  We selected SCMProFit due to their core expertise in domain and technology. We are very positive and would be working closely with them to upgrade ourselves to the next level of digitalization.”

The company chose SCMProFit due to flexible pricing model, competitive cost, fitment to its budget requirements, improvement in invoicing process, and many more.

Umesh Krishnan, Senior Business Development Manager (EMEA), Trejhara Solutions, stated, “Cube Movers completed digitization of the process execution and I assume we were able to deliver it successfully. Our platform has helped them to upgrade the level on the operation users, real-time tracking of inventory at piece level, reduced redundant operational hours, monitor KPIs, and provide accurate documentation.”

SCMProFit helps to enable the digitization in warehousing, transportation business from order, shipment, storage, last-mile delivery to invoicing.

About Cube Movers Ltd.

Cube Movers Limited has 16 years of experience in the relocation business and having done over 40,000 moves. The company has 32 covered fibre bodied moving trucks and five service vehicles. It manages total combined warehouse space of 45,000 square feet in Nairobi and Mombasa.

It is the first moving company to move a President from state house in 2013.

About Trejhara Solutions Ltd.

Trejhara Solutions Ltd is a public-listed entity with presence in multiple countries and founded by the promoters of the technology giant Aurionpro Solutions Limited. It is a public listed technology products and solutions provider that helps enterprises Accelerate Digital Innovation, Securely and Efficiently. We employ domain and technology experts across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Europe, we have been consistently recognized amongst the top 100 technology solutions providers.

Our products are focused to help organizations accelerate their digital footprint and customer experience through interactive presentation and offline analytical capabilities. We target our customers, partners, dealers and agents for their needs and goals.

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