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Do you use or want to opt for a digital platform for logistics? Are you concerned about data breaches, phishing attempts ….? Nevertheless, the questions hovering around is logical given a few recent industry examples.

In September 2021, CMA CGM, one of the shipping giants, informed that a limited leak of contact information related to some of their customers has been detected on one of the group’s mobile apps during a regular surveillance operation. The news comes almost a year after the company was hit by a ransomware attack.

The flow of information is the fuel that powers the supply chain industry. It is obvious that no one wants a data breach to occur but having a plan ahead in place is vital for the continued success of a company. Data being a highly valuable asset to a company, if not protected properly, will leave the organisation extremely vulnerable.

“The pandemic has heightened the need for companies to adopt digital business models—and only cloud platforms can provide the agility, scalability, and innovation required for this transition. Although there have been frustrations and false starts in the enterprise journey to the cloud, companies can dramatically accelerate their progress by focusing investments in it where they will provide the most business value and by building cloud-ready operating models,” McKinsey & Co. states in its white paper – ‘The Next Normal: The recovery will be digital’.

Certain technologies in administrative and logistical controls are included in data security. It can even incorporate the physical aspect of security to limit access, manipulation, or exposure of sensitive data. Most organizations have some type of data security control, some much more robust than others.

The crisis has made it clear that digitization is the differentiating factor that will determine who survives and thrives in this decade. In such challenging times, businesses haven’t any room for slack in their systems or time for delays in their supply chains. Digitization allows companies to get new efficiencies in their existing processes, without completely overhauling them. Logistics firms can track more by doing less, and identify blind spots in their supply chain process by integrating data capture into an existing ERP system

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