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The technology wave started in the early 90s when fortunate millennials began to enjoy the trend and since then continue to do so. The pauses may not have vanished after the term ‘development’. Still, commas have indeed added more mileage to the end number of technological developments.

Be it a dress, book, pencil, liquor or a grocery item, the order delivery time has been reduced from weeks to days and now to 10-minutes. Thus, making Generation Z or iGen witness a desperate movement in technology disruption.

The global ecommerce market is estimated to reach $55.6 trillion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 27.4% during 2022-2027. In recent times, quick commerce has evolved as a subset of ecommerce and has swiftly become a saviour for the busy population. Technically speaking, q-commerce is part of e-commerce, but with innovative methods for last-mile deliveries. This pandemic-induced shift in consumer behaviour has pushed the business of digital platforms.

The crisis brought supply chain businesses under the radar due to the lockdown restrictions imposed by different countries. However, logistics companies pulled up their socks to collaborate with digital logistics platforms or prep their digital capabilities.

Foreseeing the challenges in the supply chain and order fulfilment, SCMProFit platform built a robust system for customizable integrations, mobility-enabled warehouse operations, e-activity updates, e-proof of delivery, etc. to carry out seamless business for the clients.

Meanwhile, market experts have already predicted a huge increase in ecommerce segment and with the entry of new technologies such as drones, electric vehicles, voice ordering and automation of dark stores the segment is set to outperform.

The traditional way of shopping started its transition to digital platforms in the early 2000s but at a slow pace. As Amazon, Flipkart, and other ecommerce portals entered the ecommerce segment, human minds stooped toward online shopping but it took quite some time to adapt. Thanks to Covid-19 which acted as a game-changer in converting the population to digital platforms within a few months.

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