ISCON BALAJI to implement Warehouse Operation with an award winning Trejhara’ s ERP solution SCMProFit

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Trejhara Solutions a leading ERP solution provider and known for its niche software services for cold storage division in supply chain fraternity allows to streamline and enhance logistics operations by improving efficiency and optimizing working capital. Take control of supply chain by streamlining and enhancing logistics operations and gain an unfair edge over competitors. Trejhara is pleased to announce the on boarding of a India-based cold chain service provider Iscon Balaji ( ) to help them in building compliant warehouse processes.

Iscon Balaji Foods, established in 2012, has proved to be a glorious alliance of food industry proficiency and exemplary business acumen. Balaji Wafers with their decades of priceless experience in cultivating and processing potatoes; and Iscon Group (an eminent real estate firm) with their unparalleled guidance and strategies have been our torchbearers throughout our journey, which evoked from manufacturing potato flakes.

Perfection brings productivity and the prerequisite for acquiring conventional WMS solution for the warehouse operation is to clutch what we need in the warehouse market.  With its existing system, ISCON BALAJI was struggling to achieve expected results, with Iscon Balaji planning on boarding SCMProFit to explore its unified platform with all service deliveries and full warehouse operations to further improve its world-class customer-specific service offerings. The two key aspects of SCMProFit’ s easy-to-use approach combined with sensitivity played a decisive role at the closing the contract.

“It is with great relief and happiness that I am writing this where SCMProFit team members helped our company to digitize and excel in warehouse management and delivery to various Distribution Line sites. The contribution and dedication of their team has been worthy of special praise. We will not hesitate to recommend their services to those who need a reliable and honest logistics services provider.” “- said Dr. Santosh Vanjre – National Head – Food & Safety

Shalin Doshi, Sales Lead – India, Trejhara Solutions, said: “Trejhara, backed by a comprehensive product portfolio and innovative customer-focused approach, we are delighted to onboard another cold storage company into our customer portfolio. Strategic engagements like this add credibility to our brand and the work we do. Appreciating Dr. Santosh for sharing an opportunity to serve pan India warehouse operation of ISCON BALAJI with SCMProFit”.

About Trejhara Solutions Ltd.

Trejhara is a public listed entity with presence in multiple countries and founded by the promotors of the Technology giant Aurionpro Solutions Limited. It is a public listed technology products and solutions provider that helps enterprises Accelerate Digital Innovation, Securely and Efficiently. We employ domain and technology experts across Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America and Europe, we have been consistently recognized amongst the top 100 technology solutions providers.

Our products are focused to help organizations accelerate their digital footprint and customer experience through interactive presentation and offline analytical capabilities. We target our customers, partners, dealers and agents for their needs and goals.

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