SCMProFit commitment to our customers during COVID-19 crisis

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As everyone around the world continues to manage COVID-19’s chaos, SCMProFit Team is committed to help all our valuable customers during this pandemic, and ensuring quality of operations at all times.

We understand that it is important in this time of crisis that we allow you to continue your operations and help you adapt to the specific demands that you may face.

The leadership team of SCMProFit is meeting on regular basis to evaluate and respond appropriately to the crisis as it progresses, change our operations to sustain stability, and support the safety and health of those affected. Additionally, SCMProFit works across the globe in conjunction with directives from local government and public health authorities. Of course, the health and welfare of both our employees and our customerā€™s employees remain a priority. 

We have put in place a business continuity plan which aims to reduce the adverse impact on 
operations. We have extensive online collaboration capabilities for our employees to communicate with each other and with you and other vendors. We are working tirelessly to help everyone remain healthy while continuing to support you at the same time.

Please reach out to your account manager for any additional questions and concerns. 


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